Vishwajyoti for Vishwashanti 

(Universal Light for Universal Peace)

From love peace joy light and gratitude I have come

In love peace joy light and gratitude I live move and have my being

And into that love peace joy light and gratitude I shall merge again


A message of peace & gratitude. A prayer to the Infinite Light which upholds the world/ Universe.


Light a candle in your heart for universal peace love &joy and also for yourself. Know that you are a ray of Light, that you are in the Light, the Light is in you and you are the Light !


One of the most important teachings of the Spiritual Masters of the past and in our times is the practice of offering the true flowers of worship and a ceiling on desires. A foundation for a life of love peace joy light gratitude equanimity and harmony.


It is the experience and practice of the Indian people that they generally worship the Divine with flowers and offer ritual adoration. But there is a superior type of worship — to worship the Divine through nurturing our good qualities, good conduct, good thoughts, and good company and making that an offering. The scriptures have described this kind of worship as gunaarchana.  Also known as parabhakthi(supreme devotion).


Of the eight flowers of worship of the Divine, the first is non-violence. The second is control of the senses. The third flower is compassion and the fourth forbearance. The fifth is peace. The sixth flower is harmony of thought word and deed. The seventh is the flower of meditation and the eighth, truth. 


Through nurturing these qualities, our mind acquires concentration, which then focuses it in meditation.

Ceiling on Desires through a heightened awareness and mindfulness to avoid wasting Food, Money, Time, Energy, and not exploiting Nature

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