A prayer seed was sown in Pune, India with the first Bansuri CD, Prayer And Light Meditation For World Peace. Unaware, the result was SANCTUARY, a small prayer and meditation space, where all faiths are respected and honoured. It started as an experiment for the transformation of the hearts and minds of the group that came together with the senior founder member Lalitha Krishnan.Vision Of Sanctuary.


Ever since Sanctuary was started in 2007, there have been prayer meetings, celebration of festivals and exposure to the teachings of different faiths, women’s retreats, reading of the scriptures with special intention, study of the teachings of the Buddha, Christ and the Bhagvad Gita, narayanseva - sharing of food and clothing, reflection on days marked by the United Nations to promote awareness of and action upon, important social, cultural, humanitarian or human rights issues.


From 2010 onwards, grassroot level workers were honoured. Inspired by a custom in Japan, to honour their outstanding citizens, from different fields, in a simple ceremony, we honour the person by lighting a candle and offering her/him a hand woven Khadi shawl. This helped the group to reflect more deeply on their own commitment to peace, non- violence and seeking the ' inner light' within.


Since 2011, after a review of the past years, there was a slight change at Sanctuary……a new approach. Culturally, most Indians seem to be more centred on an individual approach and the idea of community does not take top priority. We realised that each of the members came together at Sanctuary for a period of time with a genuine desire to learn. It was an experiment and training for people to be exposed to a life of Spirit. Each one learnt but seemed to wish to interpret the message of Sanctuary according to their own individual way and understanding and share in their own community and environ. Sanctuary now has a new avatar.


Bansuri: A Shift 


In 2014 , the inspiration was to share the message that each one is a ray of Light.

Some original members of Sanctuary and others who are interested, still continue to meet. The space is now called BANSURI (flute) inspired by these words of Tagore from the Gitanjali…..




The message from now for the group in India is that each one give more thought to raising their conciousness and thus uplifting their world. To serve their own people, to be good citizens and manifest good human values. Each one is attempting to be like a flute.… making a sincere individual effort to work towards the Light.


To bring more inclusiveness in our communities, this year during the auspicious period of Ramadan, we joined our muslim brothers and sisters in India and all over the world in prayer.(Prayers are done five times 4.45 a.m. 12.45 pm 5 pm 7 pm 9 pm.) The group decided that at least once a day for 5 mins during this period, to join in this prayer and awaken the light in our hearts and the world towards creating love peace harmony all around.


May it inspire you and others
to bring peace to your community, city, and world