The Making of the Bansuri CD     

In the 1990’s, during the Hindu-Christian inter-religious dialogue, Sister Margaret Mary Funk and the Indian advisor, Lalitha Krishnan to the board, visited the SRF retreat centre at Encinitas, to dialogue with those who were experiencing a monastic way of life, which combined the spiritual  teachings of East and West. While walking in the beautiful Japanese garden at the Encinitas retreat centre, the Indian advisor, Lalitha Krishnan received guidance that her prayer for world peace needed to go deeper, be inclusive and universal and be shared with others. Soon after, she discovered a copy of the SRF Worldwide Prayer Circle which reinforced her own inner message.


She was connected to a group in India where she was requested to share her experiences of a deeper understanding of the scriptures and spiritual way of life, in a universal way. This resulted in the making of the CD on lightmeditation and prayer for world peace.


It took various modifications before the recording of the final version or as it seemed to be for that time. Subsequently copies were made in the US to be shared with earnest seekers.


Since the initial guidance came at the SRF centre in Encinitas, a copy was sent to Sri Daya Mata, president SRF in love and gratitude and also to seek her permission for including copyrighted material from the SRF worldwide prayer circle. In Sept 2004, Sri Daya Mata acknowledged and blessed the CD and guided us to include our thanks on the title card.


In the latter part of 2005, it was decided to have an e mail ID for those interested to directly order a copy for themselves. Each CD would be shared with a write up giving a short background and the meaning of the words of the pieces selected as music for meditation.


There was guidance to record the instrumental version of 3 songs to be played on the flute ….Vaishnava Jana, Raghupati Raghav Rajaram ( bothfavourites of Mahatma Gandhi) and Om Jai Jagdeesh Hare. A well known flautist agreed to play this for the CD.


In Dec 2006, it was confirmed that the pieces of music selected for the music for meditation were through Divine guidance. Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, sarod player, well known even in the West, announced while performing at the world renowned annual Sawai Gandharva music festival of Indian classical music in Pune, that he would play 2 pieces of music which have a special significance to peace in the world. They were the same 2 favourites of Mahatma Gandhi which had been selected for the CD.


In 2007, there was guidance to record in different Indian languages and is available in 7 languages.


To facilitate the sharing of the CD, there was guidance to make it available on the internet. This led to the creation of the


In 2014 the French version of the CD was recorded in Belgium.

It has been shared at Auroville (literally City of Dawn) in south India

Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity.

a member of Auroville who received the CD has written :

I appreciate very much the text of the meditation and I am deeplytouched by the music. By e-mail, I can send it to people who could be interested but the best place it has found is in Unity Pavilion where are gathered the documents

related to peace for the people which are interested.

Like many people, I do not feel confortable with guided meditations but in this one I found precious elements that I can adapt to improve my own practice. I am very grateful for your offering. There is inside a quality of love that

we really need.


At this time many individuals use this light meditation in both the East and the West.


In the US, the Bansuri CD is finding an ever widening audience. An Elder at the Quaker group in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania shares her experience. “At a Friends General Conference yearly gathering, the CD was used regularly to help the support staff before beginning long and demanding days of service. Individual Quaker Meetings have used its universal message during forums dedicated to spiritual growth. 

In Pennsylvania, the Clerk of one meeting frequently reminds members of the beauty and the power of the Bansuri CD. It has found its way to a special school for children with both physical and intellectual challenges, where a house mother has used it to create a peaceful centre from which to serve her "family".

During its meetings a Light Group dedicated to world peace frequently concludes with prayers accompanied by the Bansuri CD.  Individuals who have heard the CD are sending it to friends whom they know will value it.”


Nancy Long, a healer in Lynn, Massachusetts who also works at a hospital shares her experience. “Our monthly full moon meditation group, really enjoy the Bansuri CD, as do the Marblehead Peace Committee. We always start our meeting with it and we all feel it makes a difference.”